Most companies are only able to offer one specialized service. For example, boat cleaning or power washing. Deciding on a multiservice company will save you money and time. No wasted time contacting extra companies. No wasted money paying for service calls. Hire one vendor for a comprehensive rate.

We can do it all!

Pick and choose what suits you best. Offering services year round. Create your package today!


Management Services

Realtor Partnership

Preparing Homes After Purchase

Preparing Homes Prior to Sale

Spring & Fall Cleanup



Boat Detailing

Pool & Hot Tub Cleaning

Periodic Check-Ups

Prepare Home for Arrival

Reserve Leisure Activities

Misc Errands & Groceries

Depart with No Worries

Emergency Contact

Spencer III Contracting saved us so many headaches by expertly handling all of the things we don’t want to think about while relaxing at our lake home.
— Jane S.